An Assemblage

Now, an eternal talisman,

He is my resolution from miseries.

Brooding over our mystical conflate,

Ripple of love, grows through my soul.

More than moiety, my panoply panacea

He is my whole.


Grows like an ebullient florescence

For him, my assemblage of love.


Author: snehdoshi

From an ametuer to an artist seasoning The Art Of Love

45 thoughts on “An Assemblage”

  1. Thanks. I read your comments on someone else’s blog whose name i forgot. You seemed a very interesting person. And less people read the posts. I have had bad experiences. Its been twice that i read something and commented something i should not have. I read your post lost in the encounter. Which made you seem a more interesting person with the caution given above and i wished to write down on the comment that your post makes a vivid imagery. So thanks for thinking i did not read it. But i did. And only then i follow blogs. Because i want some good people following me back. And if your read my comments. I have a lot of friendship with my followers.

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    1. Impressive.
      Point one. I commented twice and it ended up messy on someone else’s blog.
      Point two. Obviously you wont be reading my comments. Sorry if i annoyed you. But that was just a stated fact.
      Point three. My blog has had so many comments. Its marking me as a spam. So as soon as i comment on someone’s blog the comment magically disappears but i consulted some people that could help me out with it. That is another reason i did not comment because i never understand if my comment actually reached or not. So i like my own comments but they still disappear sometimes.
      Point four. You have got a more interesting personality than i thought.

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      1. 1. The person i consulted says that the system is marking me as a spam. Because i can reply back but i cannot comment. Its ajeeb.
        2. What i meant by commenting twice was that. I commented on two different blog and two different posts. Both of them shared their personal experience. My luck was bad that it did not turn out so well. For me. I hate any type of discussions. It makes me feel guilty. I mentioned i was in depression in one of my posts. Many side effects of it.
        3. Ill be 20. Doing my Bachelor in Science. What about you sir?

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      2. I am going to do all the commenting on your blog.
        What should i call you then.
        What is your age sir?
        And what is your name sir?

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      3. I will be commenting on your blog because i dont fear any discussion with you now. And yes it will be regular cause you are a nice person.

        Fictional character?. Christian grey huh?. But what is your name.????

        P.S Christian grey is also 26!!

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      4. Hahaha i like christian grey because he is a man of control and words. Someone that can be trusted. Most of my decisions are taken by the man i love. Reason being my past. I love being protected. Natural instincts maybe.
        Aryan is my brothers name.

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      5. You know i am very protective about the friends i make. And you know which comments did i read of yours on someone elses blog?. Those were comments about you asking someone out. So you are single also. You have a crush on that lady?

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      6. You are 26. You would get married soon!! So why hurry?. You know the man i love is elder than you. He is 29.
        So why such an hurry. You want to be married?.
        Give me a better option for communication. Email ?

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      7. Yeah peaceful is good. I became an insomniac out of nightmares. And then now i sleep at awkward times. Which gets all shitty. Even i work so i hate feeling sleepy while giving tuitions or at my office or at college.

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      8. Yes nightmares i have had a bad childhood. Worst maybe. Harassed , beaten blackmailed and what not. Then i met the guy i love and he finally got me out of it. Yes i sleep but that happens only if i have is picture open beside me. I am the rarest case you could get. A lot to take. And yeah ill tell it to you maybe tomorrow or day after that cause ill maybe go to sleep anytime and i don’t want a nightmare thinking about this.
        I live in kolkata.

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