An Assemblage

Now, an eternal talisman,

He is my resolution from miseries.

Brooding over our mystical conflate,

Ripple of love, grows through my soul.

More than moiety, my panoply panacea

He is my whole.


Grows like an ebullient florescence

For him, my assemblage of love.

Author: snehdoshi

From an ametuer to an artist seasoning The Art Of Love

35 thoughts on “An Assemblage”

  1. Thanks. I read your comments on someone else’s blog whose name i forgot. You seemed a very interesting person. And less people read the posts. I have had bad experiences. Its been twice that i read something and commented something i should not have. I read your post lost in the encounter. Which made you seem a more interesting person with the caution given above and i wished to write down on the comment that your post makes a vivid imagery. So thanks for thinking i did not read it. But i did. And only then i follow blogs. Because i want some good people following me back. And if your read my comments. I have a lot of friendship with my followers.

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