Vision Voice

My vision when I voice,

Ran aquiver through my spine.

Serenity personified,

Such his melliflous voice.

A petrichore, his smell so pure.

Created, an iridescent phosphene,

Through my eyes.


His demense to the dulcet mine.

Seems like an epoch passed by,

Through oblivion,

My love in dark ink,

Would still shine bright.


Author: snehdoshi

From an ametuer to an artist seasoning The Art Of Love

66 thoughts on “Vision Voice”

      1. As i say…encouragement means a lot. I have just started still finding people that may encourage my work. Glad i found you.

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      2. Same here, it is such a friendly and giving community, where we all can share our love of expression together, and that is amazing if you think about it, with so much wrong in the world and so much hate, to be brought together. It gives me hope. Glad I found you too.

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      3. Do you have any idea about people that may like my work… ??..because after I spoke with you and browsed your blog, I thought that you might be able to help.

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      4. Yes, I am having digestive problems. I need to have y colon checked. I wont be doing that tomorrow. I have to set that up, and go to the hospital. I have been putting it off for months, and it is getting worse.

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      5. You really should be more careful. Being in this medical line. I know for sure that delay is not a very good thing. Though i hope nothing serious would happen. Please do set it up, ASAP!!

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      6. I am going for screening on June 8th, then will schedule colonoscopy. I hate the thought of the prep, and I have never been under. To me it is very scary. I have done the prep before for another procedure, and I said after that experience, I would never go through it again, but I can not take this pain anymore.

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      7. You are welcome, after I finish up on here,I have to write three reviews on stories that have been submitted for my writers meeting.
        That is really hard for me writing critiques. I am not good at that, but I like having my work critiqued. I don’t submit to much because there are about 15 members and we only meet for two hours. We meet every other Monday. There are usually four submission at every meeting.

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      8. Interesting. Ull do it anyway, i know it!!. May I ask your name and country. Because as I made a friend. I should so much know that!!😊😊

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      9. Oh… U dnt need to thank me for that. Its more awkward fr me. Yes five days is a long time. And i keep thinking when you b online on this. I gv u an email.

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      10. Yes, I did get your Email, but for some reason I couldn’t match you too your blog, even though they were the same.
        It’s just been a crazy week for me. I have so many things going on.

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      11. We should talk abt our personal stuff on emails you know. I dnt want the entire world to know what problems you had. But i am surely asking you how was the week so crazy ??

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      12. I will send you an Email. My problems weren’t anything I am concerned about anyone reading. It’s just my vehicle broke down. I had to get it fixed, and it needs some more repairs. I have to clean the outside of my house. I own it, but it’s in a place where I pay to rent the site, so they inspect. The last thing was my writing club. I had to read and review six submissions.
        I am so busy, I can’t even catch up on Emails or these comments.
        I mean I also have to live my life and all that it entails on a daily basis. There are not enough hours in the day.
        I owe so many Emails to people and letters to.

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      13. Oh yes you do owe manyyy emails. U made a very stubborn friend. And yeah i gt that u r so busy. Lets just wish u gt time soon enough.

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      14. I had a busy week. I had too work on several important projects, and really needed to force myself to do them. I am very good at procrastinating. I will get to you soon. I don’t know if I would call myself stubborn, a better word would be absorbed.

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      15. I agree with you being absorbed. The stubborn word is for me. Cause i am not going to get off your back. I understand the work stress. Gets a better part of me. And yeah ill be waiting fr you to get to me soon. β™ β™₯
        Love for Kathy *winking* πŸ˜‚πŸ˜„

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      16. Well, here I am again, it’s been a long time since I have even been on the blog. I do promise to write. I hope I can find the time. I have not been sleeping well, had to go to the doctor.
        I have appointments every week for something or another.
        I have not forgot you. I haven’t even been writing, at least not on here.
        My writing group takes a lot of my time.
        It’s harder than I thought it would be.
        Love for you too. I promise to get back with you.

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      17. I hope you have gone for the doctor. I forgot the date for your appointment. Yes its been long. And i know you haven’t been writing. I know you will be back soon. (Trust+ love) *2 for Kathy.😘


  1. I enjoy your writing and drawing and I am following you. One question I have is why am I unable to “like” your posts? The button seems to be missing? Or am I looking in the wrong place?

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    1. Mam, it was a technical mistake. Its corrected now. I hope you will be able to ”like” the posts now. Thank you so much for pointing out the problem.

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  2. I don’t understand…that is unusual..mam i guess you must have looked in the wrong place. Because i checked the button is there. Please do try again.


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