A Month.

Sometimes we dont understand as to what changes should we make in ourself, for the betterment of our loving relationships.

So here I am giving myself a month, to change some of my habits. Give yourself a month if its needed. Maybe not for yourself but for someone that deserves the “better” you.
Change, retain and enrich yourself.


Author: snehdoshi

From an ametuer to an artist seasoning The Art Of Love

14 thoughts on “A Month.”

    1. Sometimes situation’s are such..and love is so strong that we put the other person above us…making changes is easy then..all of us evolve and someday will learn that.😊

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      1. I completely understand, i went through a heartbreak once as well…but i eventually found the guy that not only healed me out of depression but is also responsible for what i am right now, including my thoughts. In fact this blog is dedicated for him. You will find that man one day…but as you say, we shall be contempt

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      2. I think that happens a lot, it is universal, unless you really are fortunate and it works out, almost like it was meant to be. That is how I used to feel. I know that there is someone out there, but it’s also possible we may never meet.
        I think that is very sweet to dedicate your work to him. He is very lucky.

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    1. Already reinvented. Hey read my latest post An assemblage. I feel you would like than much more. Because i thought you do like verses and poems. Check it out when you get time.😊β™₯


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