Eagle’s Eye.

Life is not a bed of roses, we all agree to this. Same way our feelings,like the ocean’s tide, rises and falls with the phases of moon. All of us have those silly adjustment issues. Trying to adjust with the wind, is a waste of time, when we can always change the sails. It’s better not to say we adjusted, until we are sucessfully out of the situation.

Many a times we say that ” I cannot adjust with him anymore”. Is your love so mere, that you sacrife that person just because you have given up adjusting??.. If u really love him, just give it a thought. I have kept him above all my wishes. Try that once!!. Any of this does not mean being dependent. When you put someone above you, the person becomes equally responsible for your happiness. And believe me, he would be glad to fullfill your needs and your wants. But for that, love him enough. Love him so much, that his one smile would make your day.

Love is above all adjustments,don’t condition your love with worldly matters. Love is like the eagle’s eye. Its the strogest weapon that you hold, to achieve your aim. But let your aim be his happiness, let it be worth it. This is when he would stay with you, ALWAYS.


Vision Voice

My vision when I voice,

Ran aquiver through my spine.

Serenity personified,

Such his melliflous voice.

A petrichore, his smell so pure.

Created, an iridescent phosphene,

Through my eyes.


His demense to the dulcet mine.

Seems like an epoch passed by,

Through oblivion,

My love in dark ink,

Would still shine bright.


My Angel.

I was not sure, what I heard was real. But his laughter was capable of giving me a new life. I stepped in love,I would not use the word “fall” because I chose to love him with every bit of my soul.

Life was not so easy, until he taught me how to live it. I heard those fairy tales speaking of angels, well I am lucky enough to find mine.

Who so ever is reading this right now, I know u have an angel in your life. If not then give yourself another chance to find that person. Love that person, with every bit of your soul and then see what happiness is. Because your angel knows how to make you live, and live with you! Believe me he would stay. FOREVER.


A Month.

Sometimes we dont understand as to what changes should we make in ourself, for the betterment of our loving relationships.

So here I am giving myself a month, to change some of my habits. Give yourself a month if its needed. Maybe not for yourself but for someone that deserves the “better” you.
Change, retain and enrich yourself.


United souls


Naked skins, An etheral feeling,

Your caress a crystalline chrysalis.

Enchanted with our epitome love,

Ineffable halcyon our resonant dance.

Redonance of sandalwood and spice,

Encompassed by your mint, i sufficed.

Lullaby like your voice to mine,

I endured the pain of our coalescence my love.

Felicity in your feline eyes proved

You understood,

You were my intial and the ultimate my love.

Cascade of cashmere your skin on mine,

With broken virginities, our souls unite.


My World In His Hands

Breathe, I understand things might be difficult. You know the best way to handle yourself when you cannot find a way out?. Go to him. Go to someone you love. Communicate. Give all you have in you to that one person you trust your life with. Believe it or not, I did the same.

U may think that just a coward would do that. No, think it again. Giving in to someone needs courage. Trusting someone needs courage. Asking someone to handle your life until you can take over it, needs strength. Sometimes being dependent works. You know why?. Because somewhere his existence becomes a pleasure to you, and in this journey you will find your own existence. 

He would be pleasured to help you. Let his gravity hold you down for awhile. I bet Newton wouldn’t mind that. Give your world in his hands, he will heal you.



A Letter To My Love

I write this for him.

Baby, love comes to you when you least expect it. Its when I wait for you every night and give you small surprises. I keep telling you that I love you just because it makes me happy. I miss your touch, and that touch isn’t sexual. I miss your fingers caressing my waist..because that feeling calms me down. You calm me down. I cry because I miss you, but smile because you understand my feelings. Love is when the person has the power to heal you. In this materialistic world, most of us keep repeating ‘I love you’ without understanding the essence of what love is.

Love is when you see the world in him, and he is the world you live in. It has no measures, can you measure how many drops the ocean has? similarly you cannot measure how many feelings you have for the love of your life.


Please comment and feel free if you agree to my feelings. I would be gratified to hear the voice of love in you. Really looking forward for the same.



Everyone has a “Lifeline”someone who became your second chance to live again and to be strong and love.

How many of you remember the times when you felt that life was like a storm and you could not take anymore of it?? Or lets say you did not wish to take anymore of it and you gave up?..That moment all u need is someone to hold on…someone that keeps you strong…That is when my ” LIFELINE” said that he did not know how he could help me but he would stay forever and help me over-rule any storm we faced.

All of us have that one person that has always been with us..Cherish them..And express your gratitude because you are surely a lucky ass if u have got someone like that.